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Stephen Morris - 8 Cassettes Nevil Shute

Stephen Morris - 8 Cassettes

Nevil Shute

Published July 1st 2012
ISBN : 9781407920689
8 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

This book includes Pilotage. The two novels are linked as they have flying as a shared theme.In Stephen Morris we see the eponymous hero leaving Oxford University unable to marry his girl because of a lack of prospects. He starts as a mechanic and a pilot at a friends aerodrome business.In Pilotage, Peter Dennison is to start as a junior partner at a firm in China. The woman he wishes to marry cant accept his proposal if it means going to live in Hong Kong. Dennison has to find a way to make money and marry.Publishers description from 1st edition: The two linked novels in this book, never before published, were written by Nevil Shute in the middle 1920s, when as a young man he was working in the aircraft industry. Flying is the theme of both and they reveal at once that golden stream of narrative genius which was to make Shute the top selling novelist of[his] times. We get many intimate glimpses too in Stephen Morris of his own experiences which he was to later recount in wider perspective in his autobiography Slide Rule.